How to Compile Tocc’s Official CLI

In order to compile CLI, you need first have libtocc compiled and installed. Follow the instructions in How to Compile And Use libtocc page.

Source of the CLI is available in cli/src/ directory. Change your current directory to it, and follow the instructions.


First step is to create a configure script. If you downloaded a released source package, this step already done. You can skip it.

You need Gnu Auto Tools, e.g. Libtool, Autoconf and Automake installed. Then, simply invoke bootstrap script:



Previous step created a configure script. Normally, you don’t need to pass any options:


By default, CLI binary (tocc) will be installed in the default bin directory. Usually /usr/local/bin/. If you want to install it into another directory, you can pass --prefix option to configure script:

./configure --prefix=/opt/tocc/

Which installs binary in /opt/tocc/bin/.


Now that you configured CLI, you can invoke make in order to compile the source:



If previous step goes without any error, simply invoke:

make install

(Usually, you need super user access to invoke this command.)

This will install tocc binary in the directory you specified using --prefix (or the default directory).