Compiling Toccfs from Source


toccfs wrote using FUSE (File System in User Environment) library. So, you need to have FUSE installed on your system. Usually, you can find a package like libfuse-dev among your distro’s packages. If not, try get it from its web site:

You also need libtocc compiled and installed on you system. If you didn’t do this already, see How to Compile And Use libtocc.


First step is to create a configure script. If you downloaded a released source package, this step already done. You can skip it.

You need Gnu Auto Tools, e.g. Libtool, Autoconf and Automake installed. Then, simply invoke bootstrap script:



Previous step created a configure script. Normally, you don’t need to pass any options:


By default, toccfs binary (toccfs) will be installed in the default bin directory. Usually /usr/local/bin/. If you want to install it into another directory, you can pass --prefix option to configure script:

./configure --prefix=/opt/tocc/

Which installs binary in /opt/tocc/bin/.


Now that you configured CLI, you can invoke make in order to compile the source:



If previous step goes without any error, simply invoke:

make install

(Usually, you need super user access to invoke this command.)

This will install toccfs binary in the directory you specified using --prefix (or the default directory).